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Harvest Lunatone Jenn by Great-Leo
Harvest Lunatone Jenn
Name: Jennifer

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Pokemon: Pikachu

Height: 5’5”

Bodystyle: Lean, muscular

Birthday: July 10th

Home: Amusement Archipelago


Jennifer is a bit of an uptight and Adamant young woman. It isn't because she's OCD beyond belief or afraid of most everything in the world. It's due to static build up. She gets antsy and jittery when too much static is built up and as a result she comes off as irritated, pissed off, and easily annoyed. If you look past her rather difficult behavior she's a loyal woman and is willing to help who she considers her friends.


She may not look it, but Jennifer was actually born into a relatively wealthy family - an eevee father, a Pichu mother, and an Eevee elder sister - in Celadon City. For the first decade of her life she was raised to be a proper lady and not dealing with the less fortunate folk of the city. And it was a difficult life to follow, due to her incredible static buildup. It's difficult being a "proper lady" when your body has this constant urge to blast all of this electrical charge away almost constantly. It was getting to the point that her parents were going to give up. The only people that seemed to stand by her side was her Eevee sister, Serena, and her grandparents on her mother's side, who lived at Raccolto then, and now, only occasionally showing up for visits.

But even with that little support she was still burdened with looking good for her family's sake. But at the same time, she wanted to go and do her own thing as well, perhaps something to put her excess electricity to good use. That's when she began taking note of sporting events in her tweens/early teen years. When she managed to stay away from her parents she'd find herself participating in street sports. Roadside kickball, dodge ball, what have you. Celadon was a big place, and there was plenty of room. And hell with all of this exercise she had been able to expell her sparks without being too harmful to other folks. Her parents became aware of her deviations, but imagined it'd simply be a phase. "She's just a teenage girl after all." they would say.

And then she took interest in the relatively new Celadon Kickboxing Association once she hit her twenties. She signed up while out of the radar of her family for a year, sneaking out to box during evening events. She would meet friends, gain rivals, and was able to blast things to kingdom come - within the rules of the Association, naturally. This sporting was what helped her evolve, and also sparked a competitive nature as well. She would speak out more, and became a bit more confident in herself, unlike when her parents were always putting her down and trying to make her "proper." In fact, when her parents found out about this secret, and they tried to get her off of the association, she fought back, showing them that this was what she wanted to do with life.

Her parents basically disowned her at that. She would live with some of the CKA boxers at the spare rooms in the arena for another year or so. She still had connections with her immediate family, her sister Serena to be specific. But the relationship was becoming distant, and she was wondering if her decision was a mistake. Her friends would try to convince her otherwise but she was still unsure of it. To keep her mind off of it she would compete in more and more fights in the Association, even fighting against a male Sandslash, being the first woman to cross the gender boundary in the CKA. Course she lost, and she was a bit peeved initially, but that's just her being competitive at the time.

Fighting in the leagues for roughly three years now, the Pikachu was still worried about her choice. Should she really be fighting for all her life? Sure she was keeping her electrical count in check, and she's been having a good time, making friends and stuff, but something wasn't... right. It was around then she began taking note of some mail she was getting from her Raichu grandmother, Marge, from that little batch of islands, Raccolto. She wasn't really paying much attention to mail during her CKA times, most of it was fanmail and they were all the same. So she had almost forgotten about her grandmother's messages. She learned of her grandfather's passing, and how things have been since they've last spoken... Arceus knows how long. To Jenn it felt like centuries since her parents "disowned" her, per say. One of the mail asked Jenn if she wanted to perhaps stay with Marge at Raccolto for some time. If at least to catch up, have a good talk.

Hm... Maybe this is what she needs. A nice vacation. Get away from competition for a while, and away from the thought of her parents and sister looming around the corner. And she didn't want to go crawling back after her actions. Perhaps a vacation would be good for her. With the help of her closer friends, she set off for Raccolto to her grandmother's honey ranch, the Bee's Knees.

Job: Rancher
Ranch Name: Bee's Knees
Cat Race: Purrloin
Cat’s name: Xerxes
Cat personality: Xerxes is an old cat that has been under the care of Jennifer's grandmother, Marge, for years. He's slow, grumpy looking, and a bit sad at times, but he's capable at keeping the ranch in check and wouldn't mind doing some old theif pranks - for old time's sake.
Moves: Pursuit, Hidden Power (Flying), U-Turn, Foul Play

- Talented kickboxer.
- Is a great dancer (though she won't admit it to anyone)
- Very agile, as a Pikachu should be... doesn't have Agility though.
- More of a curse than a talent, Jennifer is very good at building up static. She's almost constantly sparking in some way and tries everything she can to keep herself from shocking others.

- She has a small co-dependency issue, stemmed from her relationship with her sister.
- Is a bit disturbed when it comes to sexuality. She doesn't dislike homosexuals or bisexuals, but it comes off as weird to her.
- Hates milk.
- Loves Ice Cream.
- Sports a bit of a Western accent. Can have a tendency to say "y'all" and all that jazz. She tries her best to keep herself from slipping into her dialect though. Most notable when angry.
- She doesn't swim. She could, but she's worried about shocking anyone else near her.

Ability: Static
Move set:
Volt Tackle
Brick Break
Harvest Lunatone Davian by Great-Leo
Harvest Lunatone Davian
Name: Davian
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Sandslash
Height: 6’2”
Bodystyle: Medium athletic build (There are muscles)
Birthday: August 30
Home Island: Rapture Retreat

Davian is a Modest young man. He's sweet, generous, aware of his flaws, and is willing to make friends with new people. He's a bit out of place, coming from a tribe and into a village-like setting, but he's been able to keep calm about it, what with also dealing with the hustle and bustle of Celadon City for a few years. He's a bit dense, if one is trying to signal him for some reason or another, more likely than not, he's going to miss it.


When Davian was but a Sandshrew, he lived in the northern caves of the Kanto Region. He lived in a tribe of assorted ground type Pokemon, farming and living life normal, living life with his father, mother, and younger brother, sparring and rough housing with other children at the time. He lived a relatively nice and Modest life, living in a bit of a routine.

One day, he bumped into a couple of foreigners, picking fights every which way. It was getting to the point that these intruders were threatening to harm the people in the tribe. Not willing to stand for this, the young Sandshrew took down the intruders, taking them down with little trouble. As it turned out these drunken jerks were members of a Kick Boxing League that resides in Celadon City. The manager of the offenders witnessed the Sandshrew defeating the fighters easy, and offered him a position as a kick boxer in the smaller leagues at the time. After some time of consideration and discussing the issues, he accepted the offer.

Over the years, with some training and an evolution, Davian won and lost many fights, gaining popularity as the strong new fighter of the Celadon Kick Boxing League. However, over time he had come to learn that the Kick Boxing League, or at least the branch he ended up joining was a bit shadier than a normal league. Some of the fighters disappear without a trace, then return again while acting completely different than before. It didn’t bother Davian much at first, he was getting money and he had fun meeting his opponents during the rounds.

One day, he was pit in a match against a newly admitted Pikachu girl. And his manager was trying to force him to take a dive for the new girl. This made the then Sandslash question the legitimacy of his job. Has all of his fights been planned by higher ups? Could he have lost more times? He never got a legitimate answer, but he defied his manager all the same. He defeated his opponent, more or less signing his resignation letter from the Celadon league.

After about a year returning to his family at the caves, Davian decided he should try getting a job elsewhere. Nothing fancy or anything, he just wants something more humble, and away from home for some time. After much debate, it was decided that the Sandslash would move to the Raccolto Islands, and be a farmer there for some time. Will he get his humble life he seeks, or will more strange events occur in this new home?

Job: Farmer
Farm Name: Davian’s Farm
Cat Race: Skitty
Cat’s name: Skitty
Cat personality: Bold in nature, Skitty doesn't hesitate to greet others, pet or otherwise. She's quick witted and relatively sarcastic, to the point where she would want to scold her master if she could at least speak with him. She's a joy to play with, regardless, and can have fun.
Moves: Wake-Up Slap, Double Slap, Sing, Faint Attack

- While retired from the Celadon Kickboxing League, he’s still pretty good at kickboxing.
- He’s a very fast and capable digger. If he could, he’d mine more than tend his farm. People have the tendency to mistaken him for a Diglett because of his digging gift.

- If you haven’t guessed already, Davian’s HORRIBLE at naming things.
- He has the tendency to dig from place to place instead of walking.
- He’s used to being shirtless back at his tribe so he doesn’t have much of a problem.
- He’s got a bit of a phobia of Pikachus, and in conjunction Electric types. He thinks there’s this one Pikachu setting out to kill him.
- Incidentally, he’s very unaware of type effectiveness.
- His upbringing has taught him to treat both sexes equally in every way, so he's not as biased about any recurring stereotypes as most people would be.
- On the flipside, due to a certain female Pikachu, he will get jittery among electric types from time to time.
- He bites his nails a lot. They grow fast so there isn't much worry of him losing them.
Ability: Sand Veil
- Earthquake
- Dig
- Sandstorm
- Façade (Under dire circumstances. Side effect, Davian himself goes a tad crazy. He intends to swap this out for Giga Impact at some point.)
Undertale Spoilers - Human
My friend is playing Undertale for the first time and going through genocide. The Moomin is named Potato. That is all.
Alrighty, so I made a couple of neat designs for a Steven Universe t-Shirt Design contest. A high placed design can be given out as an official Steven Universe T-Shirt! I'd be really happy if you vote them up! (Or at least Beach City Star, because that one's awesome. Though the Eyes of Shards is nice too. Ahaha)

Beach City Star:…

Eyes of Shards:…

Hope you guys like the pictures and spread the word~!
October 2015 Mission - Monk by Great-Leo
October 2015 Mission - Monk
Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!

"Minim! Quit it!" out came a familiar voice. Senza came scrambling out of her chambers as a bunch of scrolls, rocks, and other randomly assorted items came flinging out after her. Minim followed afterwards, carrying a huge pile of random stuff and just hucking them everywhere, giggling all the while. "Seriously! I'd rather not have to hurt us!" She cried out as she continued to avoid the onslaught. After about a minute of this she hopped over to her familiar and bopped her on the head, knocking her out cold. The result of the strike seemed to have staggered Senza some as well, as the goddess fell flat on her face.

After a short while of her grumbling to herself in her prone position she hopped to her feet, lifting the unconcious Minim in the process. "Right sorry about that. Chaos waves and crazies, whatever." She hummed to herserlf, trying to collect her thoughts. "So in lieu of everything going completely bonkers, I think it's safe to say that we should look after each other. Help the couriers go from place to place. Save the civilians from random animal attacks." She glances down at her unconcious familiar. "Make sure you people doin't end up turning on each other. Stuff like that. That's really all I can say about this. I guess it's a bit like out last meeting then."


So the chaos is brewing still and seems to be affecting a lot more than just the time of day now. Senza suggests making sure everyone doesn't completely lose it and cause a riot. It's a rather straight forward mission for such a sporadic situation. Hopefully you don't go crazed in the process.

What do we do:

- Draw or rp your character helping others go through the onslught of randomness.
- Help other classes with their missions.

Gain an extra 300 gold and a completely random item (non restricted to location)
Alrighty, so I made a couple of neat designs for a Steven Universe t-Shirt Design contest. A high placed design can be given out as an official Steven Universe T-Shirt! I'd be really happy if you vote them up! (Or at least Beach City Star, because that one's awesome. Though the Eyes of Shards is nice too. Ahaha)

Beach City Star:…

Eyes of Shards:…

Hope you guys like the pictures and spread the word~!

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