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PKMNA - Best Tagging
Oh hey look, Leo did a thing. And this time it isn't a still! For the first time since his stupid OCT days, we have here an animatic short of an rp that just happened earlier this evening!

So it was an epic free for all laser tag! Everyone was having fun! brother against brother, boyfriend against girlfriend, a couple of stragglers, and a few audience members! Anyway the couple. Morgana decided to give Jace a shot or two in the butt back, and Jace reacted... rather interestingly to it. Everyone enjoyed the silly in the chat and I had the sudden idea to do the scene. But not just a still. Nah, because I'm crazy and trying some animation tricks. So I animated the scene instead! Or animatic'd... Sketchimated!

And that'd about it. I WOULD try to ink and color it, but I'm still learning the full process, among other things. So I think a sketch of a scene this large is just fine. Perhaps further down the line I'll do that, but this is a rather tall order for one of my first animations. (I should be going ball bouncing and walk cycles, not a whole scene! XD)

Well in any event. hope this silly little scene made by a bunch of 12 year old minds enjoyed this little exchange! I am tired and loopy and supposed to be writing cover letters. < w>

Characters featured, in order of appearance:

Morgana - :iconpowerwing-amber:
Jace - :iconrapha-chan:
Emile - Me
Colin - :iconyoshinx:
Ko - Me
Miles - :iconanko6:
Russ - :icontypurr:
Spinel Sun - :iconpowerwing-amber:
Emile App by Great-Leo
Emile App
Name: Emile Remington
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2/22
Home: Mt. Silver/Viridian City (Johto/Kanto)
Species: Sneasel
Height: 4'3"
Weight: 65lbs
Nature: Adamant
Characteristic: Strongly defiant
Ability: Inner Focus (Can't Flinch)

Personality: Curious, naive, competitive, and insanely stubborn, Emile is incredibly bright for his age, but incredibly slow in social standards. He likes to try and build many things, despite whether or not the logic behind the creation makes no sense, and he prides himself in being one of the greatest mechanics of his age because of that stubborn behavior. He's also a bit co-dependent, thanks to his relationship with his elder brother. He likes to work with someone despite trying to be a tough guy and is being all "it's not like I NEED your help or nuthing." He doesn't like showing many weaknesses and tries his best to show off what he can do when he can.


Emile was born in Mt. Silver to a family of a Weavile mother, and a Rhyperior father, and his elder Weavile brother, who's a good five years older than him or so. Emile kind of forgets. He was born on Mt. Silver, but actually lives in Viridian City. Emile's mother is a very airy and sweet housewife, while his father is a big and gruff construction worker. Y'know, those guys that have to build the buildings. So that usually left Emile and his elder brother of seven years to do whatever they wanted for the most part. So what did they do, you might ask?

They build things.

Taking after their father's construction background, the Sneasel and Weavile took a fancy to building things. Treehouses, toys, trinkets, unorthodox and 90% non-lethal equipment and weapons... Well, actually, Emile's elder brother took such an interest in it and did some of those things. Emile just followed him, trying to understand these things. After all, he was only, say, five when this interest kicked in. His brother did get to teach Emile what he could, and they enjoyed every minute of it, eventually being able to do some collaborative works.

That is until his brother had to move out to a faraway school out at a faraway island thanks to an invitation to said faraway island. Emile, so used to being with his idol brother, certainly felt alone and wound up holing himself up in the basement, trying to make do with building things on his own. He didn't become a total engineering hermit, lord no... but he did keep to himself a lot when friends and family weren't around to keep him company.

Of course all of that changed when Emile received a somewhat familiar letter. An invitation to a school of high prestige... Armonia Institute, the very same school his brother moved over to. Huh. Could he have been recommended? Interesting to note. He did go to a school before, but due to a bad rap with a teacher when he was in his early middle school years his parents sort of kept him away from the closest school. Well... He was invited. Perhaps this could help get Emile out some more.


A delinquent through and through, Emile lives up to his Dark typing. He usually runs projects on his own agenda and pace. When he's disinterested or finds flaws with another's logic he won't push through any plans or instructions he was given like others might. But if it's something he takes great interest in, it's practically his life's goal until it's completed. That isn't to say he'll turn down every order he's given, he just has the tendency to question other's motives or why they should even do what they do. Emile sometimes has an "I'm better than you" sort of behavior due to what he learned from his brother.

- Collecting scraps/building traps
- Playing card games
- Snooping around with whatever he deems interesting.
- Loves gaming of many genres. Almost hits competitive levels when it comes to fighting games.
- He has a rather abnormally good understanding of engineering. He can build some pretty weird mechs and tools with the silliest things. Armor? Uses Garbage Cans. Need a Catapult? He'll prolly use bed frames. His favorite invention is the Chili Pistol. Perfect for Instant Chili.

Attacks (Standard):
- Ice Punch (Egg)
- Hidden Power - Ground (TM)
- Fake Out (Egg)
- Fury Swipes (16)

Other Known Attacks:
Quick Attack
Faint Attack
Icy Wind
Metal Claw

- His claws are retractable. - "It's really weird cuz they're... like... around my fingers? o -o"
- He's very good at making traps from what he can find, but they're generally single use and wear easy afterwards. - "Be careful stepping into my area of the dorm, guys~"
- He's wary of bug types, especially the Nincada family. He won't go into why. - "Just say it's cuz of my typing, kay?"
- His favorite number is 222. - "My birthday, yo."


Favorite berry flavor: Spicy

House: Amity

School Schedule:
- Art
- Gym
- Zoology

Club: Shy derpwad.

 Badges: Nope.
So my Class Group and I finished our game for the semester. It's up on itch for an undetermined amount of time, so if you wanna give it a look, here you go!…

Be sure to give any feedback you'd like, as every bit of it would help immesnsely for any future games we'd like to do, personal or group, or anything. Ahaha!

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I'm creating an rp going and I'm going to need some help!

Well, its going to do with anthro pokemon and a movie theater. I call it Regigigas Theater!

And this theater has 4 themes that it uses to create movies


Of course the owner is a regigigas: who is very jolly!
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It's your birthday! I hope today has been a special one for you! :woohoo:
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