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COR - March 2015: Warriors Mission by Great-Leo
COR - March 2015: Warriors Mission
"Frigging fragging. Gotta stop fighting. Total Bull..." After the intensity of last month and the added troubles arising, it was a bit a shock to hear from only one of the Warrior DemiGods. "Hello Warriors. Reginu here." Reginu was clearly battle worn and tired, but he seemed more... agitated than anything. "After some... debate. if you would call it that We have decided to shift gears. It seems there have been some stragglers causing troubles, and a lot of civillians from the other cities are starting revolts. For one reaosn or another. Iunno. politics ain't one of my fortes. Either way, people are causing a ruckus. The bros says we need to quell the civillians while Rainbow lady and such pick out the infiltrators."

"... But, c'mon, I know some of you wanna bash some skulls in. The Monks are supposedly playing distraction to keep from the casualty count from rising. But I doubt some of those knights are of the nice kinds. I'll look the other way if some of you go and keep on fighting in the front lines. I'd rather be there myself. I'm sure Music Staff wouldn't mind the extra help."


So The wars still pushing along, and the carnage is everywhere and Warriors shall stand up and... Stop revolts. Actually, no that's pretty cool. Perhaps it isn't the usual flare of the Warriors, considering that the alternative is continuing warring. But circumstances... Eh. So the grand warriors shall keep the safe havens from falling apart from inside... or you can continue as you were~ Reginu's got your back!

So there is a two parter to this mission. You may:

- Assist in quelling the Revolts, keeping some of the more rowdier or possibly extreme mobs at bay. Don't want the other leaders being distracted as Ormonia's advancing.
- Or keep doing as you did before. Fight the Ormonia supporters, beat people up.

Because Leo sucks, you all get a 300 Gold bonus for this mission.
COR - March 2015: Monk Mission by Great-Leo
COR - March 2015: Monk Mission
"So much for that last Mission." Senza grumbled, popping her neck. She was a bit torn and battered. Certainly seems a bit more sluggish than her usual self. At least she's still a bit of a snark. "If I had timed that infiltration any later, half of us would have been stuck within the walls during Ormona's lock down." She rubbed her head, thinking over everything that's happened up to this point. "Right, well, things have gotten too... intense... 3000 years and we still can't handle this stuff peacefully. Time to make a proper statement. Were going out there... And we're going to distract the Ormonia troops. No, we will not fight. We will perform less bloodshed! We will bide time! IF we can distract and divert attention, perhaps our ace will end this in one fell swoop with less casualties!"

Senza had a bit of a mischeivious grin etched around her mug. "Now Monks, it is time to use your wit and skill. We're going to frustrate, not kill."

"... Oh! Oh that rhymed!" In came Minim, who piped up. "That's so clever!"

"... Damnit, Minim..."


So in liue of the increased activity, and the potential bloodshed to come, Senza's goign to lead her troops into battle! ... No... wait, that's not it. She wants there to be no killing. She wants to distract. Ahah, that's going to be difficult if the other side is so willing. But that's her stance of the matter, and she hopes to stick to it.

What to do:

- Draw or RP your characters distracting the Ormonian troops. Simple enough. Hopefully you don't get gutted.

You will earn an extra 300 gold cuz Leo's a derp.
PKMNA - Mega Emile by Great-Leo
PKMNA - Mega Emile
Had this in the backburner for a while. I'm a bit amused no one bothered to do a non-mega'd mega before. So here's super fuzz Emile the MEga Weavile!

Honestly I took notes of one of those fake screenshots of Mega Weavile once before. IT was real fancy. However I had a hard time with the headpiece. Or at least logicing it for a normal anthropomorphic mon. So I just made it fuzzy to high hell and back. Lol

Methinks he'd still have Dark Ice as a typing. Though considering Weavile's hit first and such, perhaps something akin to Adaptability or a speed boosting ability would do some insane wonders.
PKMNA - Thin Violet Line by Great-Leo
PKMNA - Thin Violet Line…

So there's a Shadow Mon event going on. Already ideas are a flowing. Ko's corruption and all. She handles herself pretty okay. Being a ghost and all her immune system's at least tolerable of this infection... well... in pokeland logic anyway. However by sheer unfortunate luck she was nupped by an early infected creature, not long before the public caught on. She wasn't aware that what she dealt with was in fact infected. So she's quite in the dark about even her own destabilizing sanity.

Mm? This image here? This is the final stage of her shadow state. Just about like any other infection there are stages to these symptoms. This be her going full on stone cold bonkers, giving up on everything, succumbing to what was left, what most ghosts likely crave.

Keep a close eye on your soul, folks.

I will post up another version with less noise in the way. This is for meme's sake.

Moveset, I guess. Not sure if we continue with the extended movelist... also poor Ko forced with physical moves.):

Shadow Bolt (Replaces Thunder)

Shadow Rush (Replaces Hex)

Shadow Rave (Replaces Shadow Ball)

Shadow Blitz (Replaces Hyper Beam)

Also another fun song for ya'll.…
So my Class Group and I finished our game for the semester. It's up on itch for an undetermined amount of time, so if you wanna give it a look, here you go!…

Be sure to give any feedback you'd like, as every bit of it would help immesnsely for any future games we'd like to do, personal or group, or anything. Ahaha!

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:iconbaeset: Baeset: "Hi there, Leo! Long time no see! :iconanimekittyplz: I've come with tidings of great joy and stuff like that, nyaon! I hope you like it! :heart:

:music: बर्फ के माध्यम से तेज
बर्फ के माध्यम से तेज
एक एक घोड़ा खुला बेपहियों की गाड़ी में
हम जाने के खेतों के ऊपर
सभी तरह हँस
बॉब पूंछ अंगूठी पर घंटी
आत्माओं उज्ज्वल बनाना
यह हंसी और गाने के लिए है क्या मज़ा
एक बेपहियों की गाड़ी गीत आज रात

ओह, गीत की घंटी, गीत की घंटी
गीत सभी तरह
ओह, क्या मज़ा यह सवारी करने के लिए है
एक एक घोड़ा खुला बेपहियों की गाड़ी में
गीत की घंटी, गीत की घंटी
गीत सभी तरह
ओह, क्या मज़ा यह सवारी करने के लिए है
एक एक घोड़ा खुला बेपहियों की गाड़ी में

Hee hee! Merry Toy Day, Leo!" :happybounce:

Crackhead note: Baeset was singing "Jingle Bells" in her native Hindi tongue. ^^
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I was just going to assume as such and just enjoy it. XD Thank you~
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